Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New map for ColdBlood: Granite

Hello everyone!

I've released a beta version of a new map called Granite for the ColdBlood FPS.  This is version 1.0

I wrote on BlenderArtists:

" Features in this release:

Organized object group system allowing you to easly edit and expand the map
Transparent water that you can walk through (you can't get out of the pond
Buildings. You can easily walk in and out of them. (an upgrade from Ziant)
Rigidbody barrels

What to expect in the next release?

#1 An invisible barrier so you can't walk off the edge of the world
#2 Roofs on top of the buildings
#3 Buildings on top of buildings, high platforms
#4 Jumping (so you can get onto the high platforms)

Keep in mind that the camera you use to walk around will not be the character you use in the game, this is simply a test character.

What I want you to do:

#1 Explore. (even though it's a small map)
#2 Let me know all the things you don't like about the map.
#3 Let me know all the things you do like about the map.
#4 Let me know all the things you'd like me to add to the map.
#5 Post all your feedback on this thread.
#6 Enjoy yourself  "

You can grab the map from right here ---> Granite_map

And check out our thread on BlenderArtists here ---> link


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