Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ColdBlood: Granite map second beta release!

After a huge expansion of the Granite map, I release a second beta, version 1.3

Grab the map here --->

I wrote on BlenderArtists:

" New to this release:

The island has been expanded
2 new complexes to explore
Water surrounding the island just to look pretty
An invisible barrier so you can't walk off the edge of the world
Jumping! So you can get onto the roofs of the complexes
And just a lot more props here and there...

Bugs. Yep there are lots of glitches in this map:

Jumping is crazy! You can even jump over the invisible barrier and get locked out. (oh yeah and you can land on top of the palm trees....that is fun)
Collision is not that great.
And a few graphics issues with transparency and stuff...  "


Granite Screenshot

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