Monday, September 12, 2011

Artwork: Wall-e Tribute

Heyyo everyone :)

So recently I ventured over to CGTalk and participated in one of their awesome Hardcore Modelling Challenges.  This time it was a Pixar Tribute and I chose to model Wall-e and EVE.

(from what I wrote on CGTalk)

Out of all of Pixar's films, Wall-e has always stood out to me as being especially well made. Maybe it was the oddity of two robots falling in love with each other, maybe it was the superb modelling and shading, maybe the message contained in the film....but whatever it was, Wall-e has got to be one of the most amazing 3D characters ever created which is why I chose to model him for this HMC. Sadly, I wasn't able to complete the environment from the lightbulb scene near the beginning of the film, but at least EVE found her way into my render :D

I used Blender 2.59 for modelling and shading, Cycles for rendering, and Blender's internal compositor and GIMP for post production. The entire project took about 2 weeks worth of time.


Anyways, lots learned on this project and I'm again fired up for the next....whatever it may be   o_O

Happy Blending (and Cycles-ing?  Cycling?  yay new blenderhead word :D :D)


  1. Love pixar…was the entry into blender gurus competition yours with the aliens. if it is its amazing :) :D

    How did you do those moons?

    You should have been first BTW

  2. Yeah, that was my entry :)

    I made the moons simply by sculpting spheres with Blender's sculpt mode :)

    I suppose I should post that image up here eh? haha :)